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  • My most important project ever!

    Where have I been? Oh do I have a story for you.

    Friday Feb 27, 2015 by Keith


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    When I first built, I added a page for blogging with high hopes of filling these pages with useful marketing tips and recaps of some of my favorite work. But then, the phone starts ringing, projects start clicking, life keeps unfolding and before you know it, my first (and last) blog was years ago!

    Since founding Sudden Monkey, I have been blessed to work with more than 100 clients in just about every industry imaginable. I have written website content, named companies, generated taglines, produced ads in print, outdoor and radio, penned video scripts -- you name it. If engaging wordplay was needed, I was there.

    All of my work has been referral based. I joined my local chapter of BNI, met entrepreneurs around Seattle, produced good work and a few good projects turned into dozens and dozens. LinkedIn has been another great source of referrals, just about anyone who ever received an e-mail from me during my agency years will eventually see "Sudden Monkey" in the "People You May Know" section and click to see if I have become an animal trainer. 

    And then in 2014, my biggest and most important work fell upon me. My wife and I were placed with a beautiful child through the Foster Care system and I became a "Sudden Parent". It has been one of the most adventurous, joyous, stressful and revelatory years of my life -- and here we are well into Year #2.

    During my few hours of free time, I am either walking my dogs (two rescued greyhounds and a scrappy terrier) or writing my music blog for POPDOSE. I have interviewed many of my favorite artists, including Susanna Hoffs, David Schelzel (The Ocean Blue), Neil Arthur (Blancmange), Kate Voegele and Brooke White. If you're into discovering new music, check it out here.

    More marketing tips and best practices to come -- as soon as I tuck my daughter into bed!