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    I joined the staff of Popdose!

    Monday Jun 18, 2012 by bonsaimediagroup

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    How do you feed a writer?

    Twinkies, AlphaBits, Mountain Dew and sliced apples (for fiber) are a very good start, but the best creative nourishment is reading good writing and never putting down your pen. 

    Add to that list: listening to good writing.

    Long before I could read, I was a record collector. The wildly inventive lyrics of Prince, Jarvis Cocker (Pulp), Damon Albarn (Blur), Henry Rollins and Kate Bush have influenced my writing as much as my favorite authors, journalists, poets and essayists.

    In May, 2012, I was honored when my favorite online culture magazine, Popdose, invited me to join their collective of crazy, savvy, insightful and passionate pop culture columnists. During my first week, I reviewed new albums by Smashing Pumpkins Glen Hansard and the Mynabirds (pictured above). This week, my first feature debates the pitfalls of getting discovered on  American Idol.

    Some very fun stuff is in the pipeline and new content from my fellow Popdose editors posts every day. Check it out and join the discussion!