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Current Clients and Recent Projects:

  • ACS Seattle

    Client: ACS Seattle Building & Remodeling

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: Webcami (Website Design & Development)

    Overview: Help this family-run business with deep roots in West Seattle stand out from the competition and properly showcase its portfolio.

  • Seattle Digs Real Estate

    Client: Seattle Digs • Domeinca Lovagila • Windermere Real Estate

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: Webcami (Website Design & Development)

    Overview: Capture the spirit, energy, passion and expertise of a gifted realtor while setting her apart in an overly crowded field dominated by generic corporate branding.

  • The Usonia Group

    Client: The Usonia Group Keller/Williams Real Estate (Seattle, WA)

    Project: Website Copy, Sales Collateral, Branding

    Design Partner: Graphiti Associates (Seattle, WA)

    Overview: The Usonia Group is unlike any real estate company in Seattle, so their website must truly break the mold. Writing and Design work in tandem to define a visionary new brand. Case studies break the mold of the typical real estate sales recap.

  • Klepps Fire Alarm and Automation

    Client: Klepps Fire Alarm and Automation

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: The Image Department (Website Deisgn and Development)

    Overview: Establish Klepps as an authority in a wide variety of residential and commercial automation services -- inspire visitors there for one service to explore the endless vareity of very cool new products and emerging technologies. 

  • Umbrella Waterproofing

    Client: Umbrella Waterproofing (Mukilteo, WA)

    Project: Website Copy, Google AdWords

    Design Partner: Mendatech (Seattle, WA)

    Overview: Appeal to the specific needs of four very different audiences: Homeowners, HoA's, Property Managers and Builders.

  • Turning Pointe Properties

    Client: Turning Pointe Properties (Seattle, WA)

    Project: Branding, Collateral, Website Copy

    Lead Agency: Sudden Monkey

    Overview: Create a brand name that clearly defines what the company does; support it with dymamic website and sales copy attracts the sophisticated real estate investor.