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Current Clients and Recent Projects:

  • ACOP ID Verification

    Client: ACOP Tek (New Mexico)

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: Webmosa (Website Design & Development)

    Overview: This website introduces a brand new product -- one that redefines its category. ID-eApp is a plug & play ID verification system for Android tablets. The key challenge for the site is to establish urgency among a variety of different potential clients (ranging from casinos to retailers to restaurants and bars) by clearly explaining the law.

  • Bonsai Media Group

    Client: Bonsai Media Group

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: Bonsai Media Group (Website Deisgn and Development, SEO Services)

    Overview: If you like the look of my website, custom designed for Sudden Monkey by the website ninjas at Bonsai, wait until you see their 3D, interactive corporate website. My job was to clearly explain the dozens of services they offer even though their dazzling websites do most of the talking.

  • Seattle Cold Fusion

    Client: Seattle ColdFusion Developer (Seattle, WA)

    Project: Website Copy, Google AdWords

    Design Partner: Seattle ColdFusion Developer (Seattle, WA)

    Overview: Appeal to a very sophisticated website manager or someone who has inherited a complex website and needs immediate solutions. Speak geek and street at the same time.

  • Klepps Fire Alarm and Automation

    Client: Klepps Fire Alarm and Automation

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: The Image Department (Website Deisgn and Development)

    Overview: Establish Klepps as an authority in a wide variety of residential and commercial automation services -- inspire visitors there for one service to explore the endless vareity of very cool new products and emerging technologies.