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Current Clients and Recent Projects:

  • StockCross Financial Services

    Client: StockCross Financial Services (Beverly Hills, CA)

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: WebAdvanced (Website Design & Development)

    Overview: As part of a complete corporate rebranding, we created website copy that truly captures the StockCross experience as the premier destination for savvy investors.  With high-impact headlines, engaging copy, intuitive layout and deep support pages, we make it easy for visitors to discover StockCross's vast resources and find the information they need to make swift and sound financial planning decisons.

  • NuVelocity

    Client: Nuvelocity, LLC

    Project: Website Copy

    Overview:Nuvelocity is a video production company, so their outstanding portfolio sells itself. We paired their moving images with the perfect words to clearly explain their full suite of services and the benefits each will provide to move your business forward.

  • Your Merchant Guru

    Client: Your Merchant Guru

    Project: Website Copy

    Overview: To help launch this new brand and new company, Sudden Monkey helped Your Merchant Guru develop a written voice that was unique to the marketplace and true to the services they offer. Honest. Candid. Refreshing.

  • AAA Flag & Banner

    Client: AAA Flag & Banner (Los Angeles, CA)

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: WebAdvanced (Website Design & Development)

    Overview:  Refresh and expand support pages to showcase the company's history and full range of products and services. Tap into the expertise of leadership, management and staff at all levels to make the online experience as engaging and informative as working with them in person. 


  • The Healing Pin

    Client: The Healing Pin Acupuncture (Seattle, WA)

    Project: Website Copy

    Design Partner: Webcami Site Design (Seattle, WA)

    Overview: Introduce the acupuncture new practice for Caitlin Smemo, LAc, EAMP, and effectively position her approach and expertise from other providers. Optimise the site to utilize the most effective keywords an ideal patient will be using to find her.

  • ACOP ID Verification

    Client: ACOP Tek (New Mexico)

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: Webmosa (Website Design & Development)

    Overview: This website introduces a brand new product -- one that redefines its category. ID-eApp is a plug & play ID verification system for Android tablets. The key challenge for the site is to establish urgency among a variety of different potential clients (ranging from casinos to retailers to restaurants and bars) by clearly explaining the law.

  • Blacksmith Buddy

    Client: Blacksmith Buddy (Arcadia, CA)

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: Content Harmony (Website Design & Development)

    Overview: This website introduces a brand new product -- a revolutionary farrier training device.

  • ACS Seattle

    Client: ACS Seattle Building & Remodeling

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: Webcami (Website Design & Development)

    Overview: Help this family-run business with deep roots in West Seattle stand out from the competition and properly showcase its portfolio.

  • Tom Owens Consulting

    Client: Tom Owens Consulting

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: Seattle Tech Services (Website Development, IT Consulting and Computer Repair)

    Overview: Present the very specialized services of a seasoned legal professional to a very select audience.

  • Bonsai Media Group

    Client: Bonsai Media Group

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: Bonsai Media Group (Website Deisgn and Development, SEO Services)

    Overview: If you like the look of my website, custom designed for Sudden Monkey by the website ninjas at Bonsai, wait until you see their 3D, interactive corporate website. My job was to clearly explain the dozens of services they offer even though their dazzling websites do most of the talking.

  • Seattle Digs Real Estate

    Client: Seattle Digs • Domeinca Lovagila • Windermere Real Estate

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: Webcami (Website Design & Development)

    Overview: Capture the spirit, energy, passion and expertise of a gifted realtor while setting her apart in an overly crowded field dominated by generic corporate branding.

  • Seattle Canine Club

    Client: Seattle Canine Club

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: Webcami (Website Design & Development)

    Overview: There are countless places to park your pooch while you are at work or on vacation -- our goal was to capture the personality and unique selling points of Seattle's premiere downtown hound destination.

  • The Usonia Group

    Client: The Usonia Group Keller/Williams Real Estate (Seattle, WA)

    Project: Website Copy, Sales Collateral, Branding

    Design Partner: Graphiti Associates (Seattle, WA)

    Overview: The Usonia Group is unlike any real estate company in Seattle, so their website must truly break the mold. Writing and Design work in tandem to define a visionary new brand. Case studies break the mold of the typical real estate sales recap.

  • Seattle Cold Fusion

    Client: Seattle ColdFusion Developer (Seattle, WA)

    Project: Website Copy, Google AdWords

    Design Partner: Seattle ColdFusion Developer (Seattle, WA)

    Overview: Appeal to a very sophisticated website manager or someone who has inherited a complex website and needs immediate solutions. Speak geek and street at the same time.

  • Klepps Fire Alarm and Automation

    Client: Klepps Fire Alarm and Automation

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: The Image Department (Website Deisgn and Development)

    Overview: Establish Klepps as an authority in a wide variety of residential and commercial automation services -- inspire visitors there for one service to explore the endless vareity of very cool new products and emerging technologies. 

  • Umbrella Waterproofing

    Client: Umbrella Waterproofing (Mukilteo, WA)

    Project: Website Copy, Google AdWords

    Design Partner: Mendatech (Seattle, WA)

    Overview: Appeal to the specific needs of four very different audiences: Homeowners, HoA's, Property Managers and Builders.

  • Turning Pointe Properties

    Client: Turning Pointe Properties (Seattle, WA)

    Project: Branding, Collateral, Website Copy

    Lead Agency: Sudden Monkey

    Overview: Create a brand name that clearly defines what the company does; support it with dymamic website and sales copy attracts the sophisticated real estate investor.

  • ARCpoint Labs

    Client: Arcpoint Labs of Seattle

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: Webcami (Website Design & Development)

    Overview: Create a specialty services microsite that targets specific local audiences, addresses sensititive issues with compassion and reflects the voice of the national brand.

  • My Vacation Rentals 365

    Client: My Vacation Rentals 365

    Project: Website Copy

    Overview: Help a thriving, independent, affordable luxury vacation rental property company stand apart from the major online players. Bring every one of their properties to life as if you were walking through each property itself.

  • Rico's Auto Buff

    Client: Rico's Auto Buff

    Project: Website Copy

    Lead Agency: Bonsai Media Group (Website Deisgn and Development, SEO Services)

    Overview: Lift the veil and bring visitors inside West Seattle's premiere auto wash, auto detailing and collision repair shop.

  • Manatt

    Client: Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

    Project: Marketing Collateral, Brochures and Website Copy

    Overview: Take fascinating, complex cases and boil them down into brief, compelling, easy to read case studies for use in a variety of internal marketing applications. Other projects include the firm's 2011 Pro Bono brochure and the Litigation division brochure. 

  • Seattle Logo Pro

    Client: Seattle Logo Pro (Seattle, WA)

    Project: Radio Ads (KEXP-FM), Website Copy

    Overview: Separate Seattle Logo Pro from the pack of competitive companies that outsource their production. Create dynamic copy to educate a wide variety of customers for an expanded website that launches in 2014.